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Dying in a Corridor – NHS Today and Then

STOKE - England - The severity of the NHS's decline is not being reported and is being ignored.

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The NHS was once only available to British citizens, however today it is the world’s health service.

With an ageing population, massive unfettered migration, and NHS tourists from all over the world, what hope is there for a health service that despite billions plowed into the bottomless black hole of annual funding, is dying a horrible death?

To die in a corridor is the best most people can get these days, where the neglected thirsty patient checks out of this world, not with care but with the sacrifice of care.

Hospital operations cancelled, as the Nigerians fly into Heathrow to deliver quintuplets for free, then fly back to Lagos never to be heard of ever again. Of course, the taxpayer foots the bill for each episode of NHS tourism.

The opening of the gates for every Romanian and Bulgarian to come over to Britain and use up the NHS for free was another watershed moment in NHS history. Literally overnight, wards were full to brimming with gypsies, and EU’s poorest people demanding treatment. No wonder your neglected grandfather, who fought in the war is left to fend for himself in an NHS corridor as he calls for a nurse but is ignored.

The irony is that Britain’s socialists introduced the NHS into being, yet under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s watch it was destroyed by the introduction of mass unfettered migration from Europe and the Third World, policies that Labour enacted.

By the intense population growth brought on by Labour, there is no room at your GP’s surgery, no room left in A&E, and no room for urgent medical attention at your local hospital. That’s because although there has been a large population increase caused by Labour, there has not been the funding, infrastructure change to compensate for the massive speedy increase.

Britain must have immigration, but it must be controlled. This is where the socialists have erred, and this is why they have ruined their own creation — the NHS.

Healthy, sustainable immigration, where the incoming population is vetted by profession, and integration value is the key to success, unfortunately, Britain has the opposite where most migrants from the poorest parts of Eastern Europe are unskilled, do not work and are a burden on Britain’s benefits system.

As your relatives lie dying and uncared for on some trolley in a hospital corridor, think on this, somewhere else in the same hospital, a possible NHS tourist or other migratory statistic is taking up their bed and care.

The NHS: created by Labour, and unceremoniously killed off by Labour.

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