The Only Thing That Will Destroy PC Culture..

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Total war and a compulsory draft are the only answer to the PC culture of today.

You don’t know your place anymore, you think you’re a star, you live in a non binary trans world where half the English vocabulary is now forbidden, you would quite happily agree to every alternative viewpoint to your PC life being erased permanently.

Your social justice warrior life is one of dedication to the Marxist homosexual lecturers who spurred you into action in the first place. Their lectures and speeches indoctrinated your young pliable mind into the ways of Marxism and communist ideals.

The sad part of your life is you cannot change, you cannot see the point of view of others, you are blinkered to fall into line and continue your Soviet conditioning, you are dedicated to communist revolution.

Imagine going up a rain soaked muddy field, the artillery bursting from all sides, arms and legs being blown off as men scream in agony, their steamy blood squirting from the stumps, as each heartbeat pumps more crimson into the air as a pink mist.

You are no longer on campus demonstrating against the latest snowflake outrage, your friend just took some shrapnel between the eyes, burned right through his skull like a knife through butter.

This is no Antifa march where you shout out gay slogans and pepper spray anyone who does not agree with your pathetic skewed message. Obama is no longer president, you’ve got to get that through your head.

Chinese and Russian infantry rain down bullets on your position. You hide barely covered by a tree stump that is slowly dissolving with every volley.

“I’m going to kill those commie yella bastards!”

It feels good to say those words, they killed your buddies, they attacked us first, it is them or us. You are no longer a PC snowflake pussy with no guts or balls.

Rushing up the hill, your boots soaked with mud and blood, the bullets tear through the air whizzing, hoping for a target.

Finally you are confronted by a Chinese soldier, there is only purpose in his eyes, you raise your weapon and he raises his. Click! Does the Chinese soldier have any mercy, no is the cold answer as he digs his bayonet deep into your chest, if only you had realised what the real world was about sooner…

The last thing you see before your consciousness fades into black is another thousand Chinese troops coming down the hill over the remaining American troops.

War is the only answer to PC culture, everyday pray for war, pray for the compulsory draft, this is the only way the overgrown kids will finally grow up and find out who the true enemy is. Pray for all out war now.

Help us fight for freedom — you get unique goodies too…