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Is the NHS Completely Dead or the Walking Dead?

SCUNTHORPE - England - You cannot deny that the NHS has huge problems. Is it completely dead, or the walking dead?

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The NHS is not only dead now, but there is little any party, Labour or Conservative, can do for it. Unfettered mass immigration over the decades murdered the Beveridge creation, simply because the NHS was not designed for the millions, and millions, and multi-millions of extra patients inundating its limited capacity. It’s simple physics, nothing can survive a swarm, and the NHS is swamped, the locusts have swarmed and rendered the health service into a basic empty shell.

Throwing trillions of taxpayer pounds into a limitless black hole will not do anything either, the NHS is mired in useless bureaucracy, incompetence and now strikes. Spare a thought of course to the decent, hard-working NHS staff who have to deal with such a crumbling service every day of their lives.

Every year, billions of pounds are wasted through general intransigence to adopt change, and the same old tired outdated formula is thrown at the NHS as it bleeds from heavy wounds. Inundated by millions of people onto limited services, limited beds, limited doctors and nurses.

The Government has been urged to crack down on health tourism after it emerged that a Nigerian woman cost the NHS £350,000 by flying to Britain to give birth to twins. Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is said to be chasing payment for the caesarean section the unidentified woman had, followed by intensive care treatment for the two babies. The woman gave birth in 2015, and the hospital confirmed it was still owed £348,683 for the treatment. There were 13,077 overseas patients given treatment in the UK in 2015-16, according to data from the 90 hospitals who responded to the freedom of information requests. Of those, over 3,000 were mothers who arrived in the country to give birth. A woman who gave birth to triplets has an outstanding bill of £319,895 to Imperial College Hospitals in London. SOURCE

The NHS started on the 5th July 1948. The population of Britain at that time was 49.4 million. Today, the population of Britain has exploded to nearly 70 million. By 2060 the population of Britain is projected to be close to 90 million.

British taxpayers are not only paying for their own NHS treatment, but for others coming here solely to use its services, then go back home before paying a penny for the service, or just stay here anyway and continue to use the services for free. The NHS has essentially become a de facto free International Health Service.

Grandmother, 90, with leukaemia was left in A&E corridor for 30 HOURS after splitting her head open in shocking sign of NHS crisis SOURCE

Along with mass unfettered immigration, illegal or not, the huge influx into a tiny island with a limited capacity for services has signalled the death knell for the NHS, once a beloved, treasured institution to Britons, now a smouldering foggy swamp where patients are left on trolleys in corridors to die alone, and ambulances never turn up.

Waiting lists for operations means patients wait for two years or more, no GP appointments, bed blockers, no hospital beds, not enough nurses or doctors, ageing equipment etc. etc… The NHS is dead. R.I.P. But it’s NOT dead! No, this project, as swamped as it is, will continue toddling on like a walking dead zombie. Successive governments will continue to pour trillions into something that is not fixable.

No, the NHS is not completely dead, it’s the walking dead.

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