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Brexit Betrayal: Britain Still Following 4,000 EU Law Directives

LONDON - England - Despite a so-called Brexit, Britain has not left the EU and is still governed by 4,000 EU Laws.

As well as British law courts being superseded by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Britain is still shackled to over 4,000 EU laws and assorted directives from Brussels. If this is supposed to be a Brexit, what’s a non-Brexit?

This disgraceful state of affairs is partly the fault of the current government under unelected technocrat Rishi Sunak, who is dragging his feet to scrap the laws, along with the unelected pro-EU House of Lords. Ever wonder why Britain cannot secure its own borders? Well, it is not allowed to under ECHR laws.

The European Union is entrenched within Britain and its tentacles dig deep right into the fabric of the country. To extricate Britain from a soviet collectivist power hungry bloc is almost impossible.

Since 2016 when the EU Referendum vote was conducted, and the decision to leave the EU was democratically chosen, there have been multiple obstacles put in the way of democracy. This democratic deficit is not lost on the EU’s principle rule of bypassing democracy at every point, especially as the bloc is ruled by an unelected EU Commission.

There have been little or no benefits from supposedly leaving the EU, because we have not left.

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