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Harry Attack: American Tourists to Shun British Royals Costing UK Billions

WINDSOR - England - Harry's attacks on the British royal family could cause untold damage to the tourism industry, costing the UK billions in lost revenue.

The tourism industry in the UK will certainly suffer due to Harry’s revelations in his book, Spare, an industry expert has claimed. Every year billions of pounds are made from tourism to the UK, especially from America, to visit royal sights.

Travel and tourism contribute significantly to the economy in the United Kingdom. In 2021, an estimated 131.5 billion British pounds of the gross domestic product (GDP) was generated, directly and indirectly, by this sector.

“Americans now view the British royal family almost akin to the Nazis, thanks to many of the false claims made by wayward Prince Harry in his inaccurate book. Many who booked flights to the UK are now cancelling, and thousands who planned to come to the UK are now not coming. This alone will cost the British tourist industry billions of pounds in lost revenue,” John Simpson, a tourism expert, revealed.

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