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Available For Next Christmas: Flamethrower Robot Dog

CLEVELAND - USA - The flamethrower robot dog is the latest product from a company that will make an ideal Christmas present.

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The ultimate Christmas present for little Johnny to play with in the garden just presented itself to the world — a flamethrower robot dog.

Man’s best friend

The company Throwflame will present for sale in Q3 2023, the Thermonator, a cheap Chinese knock-off of Boston Dynamics’ Spot doggy, with a motherfucking flamethrower on top of it.

You simply cannot get anything better than this as a Christmas prezzy.

But hey, let’s be responsible with its use eh, you can’t just barbecue your neighbour’s testicles simply because he is a vindictive psychotic arsehole, please show some restraint when playing with this toy.

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