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Hark, the 13 Strikes of Christmas

LONDON - England - Unions across the country have called for strike action for the entire month leading up to Christmas.

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Postal strikes, rail strikes, nurse strikes, ambulance strikes, bus strikes, tube strikes,  security staff strikes…and a partridge in a fucking pear tree strikes. What do all these strikes mean you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple really, the all important month of December is a prime political target for the militant Bolshevik unions to make their biggest united statement by ruining everyone’s beloved Christmas.

Industrial action hasn’t been so popular since the Winter of Discontent from 1978 – 1979.

Meanwhile in the Rishi Sunak Tory government they are planning to increase taxes further, increase interest rates (BoE), allow councils to increase council tax, increase fuel tax which not only kills off the economy and business further, but causes unions to strike therefore damaging more of the economy. It just goes on and on, perpetual stupidity compounded by clueless dim-witted morons all assembled in some sort of unholy circle jerk session all whacking away inanely in complete darkness.

The enemies of Britain are now just watching this shit and giggling their arses off. Imagine the shrill laughter in the halls of the EU Commission, and the joyous festive smirks coming from the Kremlin, or the Remainers all rubbing their hands in celebratory glee at the wonder of it all. For some, Britain’s misery is the ultimate Christmas present.

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