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Sadiq Khan ULEZ £12.50 Per Day Charge to Fund TfL Pay Rises

LONDON - England - Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan has cursed Londoners with an expansion of the ULEZ Ultra Low Emission Zone.

“Our salaries are at an average of £85,000, and my salary is £152,734 per annum (not including 1000s of free tax-free perks) as London Stasi Mayor. This is not enough to sustain TfL or me, plus we must also factor in our gold-plated pension schemes, taxpayer funded holidays, free travel as well as our integrated work from home scheme,” London mayor, Sadiq Khan revealed in an Evening Standard article. Mayor Khan’s decision to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across Greater London is going to only make the poor, poorer and the rich, richer. Only very rich people will be able to afford to drive in London.

By charging the poorest in London £4,500 per year to travel to work, the London mayor will be able to fund substantial pay increases and perks for him and his overpaid staff. That’s £12.50 ULEZ plus £15 Congestion Zone tax adding up to £27.50 per day, which equates to £10,037 per year, just to use your vehicle in London. If you don’t pay, the fine is £180 (an increase of £50 under Khan).

Add on the 12p Fuel Tax increase as well as the Road Tax increases and car insurance increases, running a vehicle in the capital should be in excess of the region of £50,000 per annum.

Under the evil communist reign of Mayor Khan, council tax has risen by more than 40 percent and is set to rise by another 20% as the council tax caps are removed by Jeremy Hunt. Traffic camera revenue has also increased, and councils are raking in millions from drivers every year as more cameras are put on the roads every day.

Extending the ULEZ to 200,000 Londoners will impoverish and hit the poorest in society more than anyone else. Naturally, as the costs of travel increase, so will prices in shops increase to offset the huge costs involved in delivery. Need a plumber or other tradesman? Well, be prepared for their charges to increase as well.

Whoever voted for Mayor Sadiq Khan is also to blame for this terrible curse on the capital city. You can hang your filthy heads in abject shame.

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