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Why is Intolerant Racist Islamophobe Gary Lineker Even in Qatar?

DOHA - Qatar - Why did the BBC choose to send the clearly intolerant racist islamophobic arrogant Gary Lineker to the World Cup?

If you are intolerant towards a certain culture, the Islamic religion and clearly racist towards Arabs, why even attempt to comment on the Qatar World Cup? Sure, Gary Lineker should be allowed to show his distaste for something via free speech, but he and his BBC compatriots are clearly not enjoying their stay in the Qatari World Cup competition.

It is what it is. Don’t these simpleton brainwashed intolerant morons realise that Islam forbids many things, including homosexuality in men? What do the intolerant leftists want the Qataris to do, rewrite the Quran?

It’s great that in ‘enlightened’ Western countries being homosexual is not considered a crime and people can do as they please, but Qatar is a Middle Eastern Islamic nation far from the West. Do these intolerant leftist idiots not understand that Qatar is not in the West, instead trying to push something that is illegal and forbidden by their holy book down their throats?

“Yes, for Gary Lineker and his champagne socialist brethren, we will re-write the Holy Quran,” said a smirking Qatari sarcastically.

The Ignorance and Arrogance of Lineker

The sheer arrogance of overpaid champagne socialist cultural Marxists to enter someone’s country as a guest, then start imposing things like homosexuality onto a culture and religion that has forbidden it for thousands of years is a sign that many of these far left zealots have absolutely no care for other cultures, religions or races.

Lineker and his other bleeding-heart whiners are not only intolerant of other religious beliefs and customs, but are Islamophobic and racist against Arab culture.

“When Lineker and his team of brainwashed racist gits get back to the UK, maybe they should join the BNP, or EDF or how about the full-on Nazi party,” an observer commented.

In this world, there are other cultures, and other beliefs, and other religions. The leftists, who are obsessed by collectivist Marxist ideology just cannot fathom that mere concept. Leave other cultures and races alone you whining self-absorbed arrogant shits, stop trying to assimilate them into your collectivist communist thought-control bloc. This is called diversity. Doh!

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