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Socialist Gary Lineker Discusses the Virtues of National Socialism

WA NDAYA WE - Rwanda - The BBC's premier football commentator and devout socialist expounds the virtues of one strand of the political ideology - National Socialism.

Socialist BBC football commentator Gary Lineker has spoken emphatically about the many virtues of National Socialism.

Speaking from his holiday home in Rwanda, Lineker was adamant that National Socialism is a very powerful part of the political ideology — socialism.

“Here I am in the beautiful environs of Wa Ndaya We, on the outskirts of the capital city, Kigali. Today I would like to talk about the many strands of the political ideology socialism, of which I am a staunch supporter. National Socialism is a definite political ideology that is truly misunderstood. For example, the National Socialists of Germany stressed family, race, and Volk as the highest representation of Socialist worth. They rejected materialism, cosmopolitanism, and “bourgeois intellectualism,” instead promoting the “Socialist” virtues of loyalty, struggle, self-sacrifice, and discipline.

Workers Unite

“National Socialist cultural values also placed great importance on socialist harmony with their native soil (Heimat) and with nature, and emphasized the elevation of the Volk and nation above its individual members. Several collectivist work programs designed to lay down full-employment for the socialist population were established once the National Socialists seized full national power. The National Socialists boosted nationally supported projects like the construction of the Autobahn motorway system, the introduction of a low-cost people’s car (Volkswagen) and later the National Socialists reinforced the economy through the business and employment created by military rearmament.


“Just as today’s socialists or woke warriors inculcate an environment of severe censorship, cancel culture and totalitarian edicts designed to limit human freedoms, so did the National Socialists, who introduced an atmosphere of almost puritanical censorship and limitation of free speech. In this respect, national socialist ideology and its methods to control speech and thought mirror exactly what the woke socialists are doing today.

Unity in Socialist Society

“National Socialism, much like traditional leftist socialism, expressed opposition to capitalism, accusing capitalism of holding nations ransom to the interests of an epenthetic cosmopolitan investor class. The National Socialist “New Man” was envisioned as a heroic figure who rejected a materialistic and private life for a public life and a permeant sense of duty, willing to sacrifice everything for the socialist nation. National Socialist ideology advocated excluding women from political involvement and limiting them to the spheres of “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (Children, Kitchen, Church). State sanctioned programs within the National Socialist state offered favourable loans and grants to newly-weds and encouraged them to give birth to offspring by providing them with additional incentives. Women were highly regarded by National Socialists and were awarded the Ehrenkreuz der Deutschen Mutter, or Cross of Honour of the socialist mother. Bronze went to eligible mothers with four or five children, silver for those with six or seven, and gold to those with eight or more Kinder. Women who stayed at home were celebrated as good “Hausfrau” and those who worked and simultaneously tried to rear children were labelled as “Rabenmütter” — black birds that push chicks out of their nest.

Collectivist Socialist Welfare State

“As in traditional socialism, the National Socialist ideology promoted a welfare system. National Socialist programs such as the Winter Relief of the Socialist People and the broader National Socialist People’s Welfare (NSV) were safety nets that benefitted National Socialist society. The intention of the National Socialist movement was to create a new type of human being from whom would spring a new morality, a new social system, and eventually a new international order, its goals were distinctly progressive. As socialism is collectivist in nature, so too is National Socialism, where every activity and every need of every individual is regulated by the collectivity represented by the state.

“Conventional Marxist rooted socialism is thus intertwined with National Socialism, all apart from the racial slant. But, I put it to you dear socialist comrades, if it has the word “socialist” within its structure, it is thus rooted within the entire leftist strand of Socialism.”

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  1. National socialism is multipurpose it respects women and strengthens men in society. All nations should choose national socialism this world would be a betterplace with law andorder. Thanks go to Gary Lineker. Love you!

  2. Imagine if you’re a die hard leftist and you realise that socialism is basically the same as Nazism. Many are too stupid to know these things but if they ever find out they’ll be freaking out ll over the place. LOL

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