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Home Office: Harry and Meghan Could be Sent to Rwanda if Come to UK

KIGALI - Rwanda - The Home Office have received orders from the highest levels that Harry and Meghan should be sent to Rwanda if they try to come to the UK.

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According to a Home Office spokeswoman, Harry and Meghan could be sent to Rwanda if they try to come to the UK.

Dee Porter, a Home Office executive officer, told the BBC on Wednesday that she received a mysterious call from Buckingham Palace regarding the dodgy duo.

“I received a phone call from someone calling themselves Charlie, and I heard a woman in the background egging him on to talk. He told me that if two people arrive in the UK and call themselves the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they should be immediately put on a plane in shackles on a one way trip to Rwanda. I spoke to Suella afterwards, and she said she received the same call from Buckingham Palace.”

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Muhanga, Rwanda, February 26, 2019: People are gathered to watch Tour Du Rwanda cycling race in the city of Muhanga, Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country and has a wonderful heritage as well as wildlife. The Sussexes would be well looked after in a Rwandan village, where they could explore their African dream for the rest of their lives.

“Welcome, welcome to Rwanda. We are preparing your hut and if you want water it is only a 15-mile walk each way every day,” Rwandan Minister of the Interior, Inyana Y’imbwa told the Kigali Times on Wednesday.

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