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Why Aren’t Rap Artists Subject to ‘Sensitivity Readers’?

LOS ANGELES - USA - While decent literature is being censored by 'sensitivity readers' misogynistic vile racist rap artists are celebrated.

Woke publishers pandering to Soviet censorship drives pushed by the CCP in the West are now employing ‘sensitivity readers’ to butcher and water down literature by formerly celebrated authors. The latest victim to fall prey to sensitivity readers is the late children’s author Roald Dahl. As the paragons of Western literature are daily defiled by these woke lords of censorship, one can only ask the question, why are rap artists given free rein to produce their often caustic, racist and misogynistic lyrics without any censorship?

Rap people often splatter their lyrics with the Latin word for black, and talk about their ‘bitches’, their ‘hoes’ as well as tales of dealing hard drugs and murder.

“African Americans are free to write the most vile lyrics simply because they are black, and are a protected species in America. If a rapper is white or any other race, then they are vulnerable to censorship and cancellation,” a record executive for a rap label revealed.

Call it hip hop, rap, or R’N’B whatever it is called, if it has black people spewing out their vile hatred and nasty lyrics, it is okay with the white liberal scum who enable that shit.

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