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Taking Back Our Borders? Asylum Bill For UK Taxpayers is £2.1 Billion

LONDON - England - How about that 'taking back our borders' nonsense that never happened, as well as Brexit that never happened?

You may wonder why there are 40,000 economic migrant asylum seekers living the Life of Riley in Britain’s hotels at a cost of £7 million per day and £2.1 billion per annum billed to the taxpayer? Well, according to the useless current Tory government, it is because the UK is “taking back our borders”.

Home Office data is set to show that the asylum backlog has increased by 50,000 in just 12 months from 100,564 in the year ending December 2021 passing 150,000 for the first time in more than 20 years.

As Brexit never happened, neither did any form of border control nor brief glimpse of anything positive come out of Britain’s non-Brexit.

Taking back our borders

“Remoaners are moaning daily about Brexit, and how everything is the fault of Brexit, however Brexit never happened. Britain is still subject to the laws and diktats of the EU, the ECHR, the ECJ and over 4,000 EU laws. You ever wondered why you have to pay so much at the fuel pump? It’s because an EU 20% fuel tax is still in place. Value Added Tax? Yes, that is an EU creation and still fully in place,” an angry citizen revealed.

As the devious civil servants thwart any attempt to leave the EU properly, and the House of Lords does its best to halt any Brexit laws through, the Bank of England and Treasury work to make life harder for the people, so they blame everything on Brexit. Even the financial markets, as witnessed by what they did to Liz Truss are working in tandem with the deep state to stop any attempt at a Brexit.

There never was a Brexit, and it looks like there never will be a Brexit.

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