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Screw the John Lewis Christmas Ad – Alternative Released

LONDON - England - If you are sick of the usual Christmas song videos and adverts this festive season, check out the alternative, you will not be disappointed.


The run-up to Christmas in the UK always features some sappy loved up £25 million budgeted John Lewis advert plastered all over the media with paid shills oohing and aahing over its gratuitous saccharine banality as the featured song naturally goes to Number one on the singles chart.

Well fuck that! Thanks to Bernet Tregaskis, we have a new Christmas song and it’ll have you vomiting carrot soup onto your grandmother’s blue hair this festive season.

Smoke a rock, sit back and press play because you are about to be transported into the future of Christmas.

These talented chaps can be found at: http://www.bernettregaskis.com/ and Instagram

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