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Endgame: Tabloid Reality Celebrities Harry and Meghan Not Relevant Anymore

MONTECITO - USA - This truly is the endgame as millions of dollars spent on PR and scandalous false allegations have backfired on Harry and Meghan.

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This truly is the endgame for Harry and Meghan, and they will now never be accepted back into the royal fold again, especially after the most recent Omid Scobie nonsense.

“I don’t see these two people as royals in any way, instead they are lowly vulgar tabloid reality star celebrities who are really pissing off the people and of course the actual royals. Please, Britain or Africa or somewhere else, take these idiots away from America. We are fed up!” a former Harry and Meghan American fan revealed.

Indeed, patience with the Sussexes is drying up in America, and even staunch former fans of the couple are dumping the duplicitous duo and their nasty attacks on the royal family. Whilst the Windsors exude an air of dignity, duty and royal class, Harry and Meghan exude an air of desperation, vulgarity and parasitic nastiness.


King Charles recently stated that he would not take away the royal titles away from the two miscreants despite their constant attacks, and we can only assume that either the king is extremely weak, or he is worried about other pieces of royal secrets that Harry and Meghan would release.

There are no winners throughout this entire sad episode of shite. Just a sordid morose endgame recycling the same old tired accusations ad infinitum.

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  1. I feel sorry for their kids. Their dad is a mentalist and druggy and their mom is a money hungry whore.

  2. I think it is down to Prince Harry to own this repugnant nonsense. Why has he put the royal family through absolute torment by marrying this woman an obvious freeloader and prostitute. Don’t get me wrong prostitutes have a right to happiness and marriage as anyone but she is still a pro. and the royal family is or was once a bastion of morality and virtue.

  3. I feel the only endgame will be when Harry and Meghan are completely tossed out of the royal family including their titles for the duke and duchess of Sussex which they do not deserve one lil bit.

  4. Harry is a lost person he is mentally unfit and has problems in his mind. Would it be safe to leave him alone with young children? I sureprize that he is alloud.

  5. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, and I found youre brilliant website. Why is the Daily Squib so secret no one visit here? I never heard about it before but I see you from many long year agos.

  6. I love Harry & Meghan they are standing up to bully Brit Royal assh#les who dictate theyre bs royal crap. Screw the Brit snobs You go Meghan show them British limey buttheads what it is all ABOUT!

  7. They may not be relevant but they are now making royal family not relevant as well. Their plan is working.

  8. They make me puke now really I was Team Sussex I was on Twitter X ans I followed everything that happened I didnot like the British royals especially Kate but now I see things different. All along we were suckered!!!! I really did barf when I realized that Meghan is like evil she is in it all for herselve. The Queen R.I.P. said Meghan was evil and now I realize what she meant. Harry is just dumb he is so stupid he prolly can’t read LOL I AM NO LONGER TEAM SUSSEX YOU LOST A GREAT FAN & SUPPORTER GO TO HELL MEGHAN RACIST

  9. Growing up in LA Archie will be doing coke and meth by the age of 12. That’s what these Hollywood types do to their kids. He will be wacked out on H soon enough and the Lollibet will be doing strip shows on Sunset.

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