If you’re a geek, there are two factors geeks can put to work to build a business of your own: your free time and knowledge. With these two and the cool business ideas this article presents, you can become an entrepreneur.

A couple of years ago, geeks were considered antisocial and weird. They lived in their small dark rooms, often in their parents’ basements, and had no other skill than playing games.

Today, people no longer consider geeks the losers who cannot get out of the house. Many of the owners of famous brands are geeks (Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos). They are examples of successful entrepreneurs who started on this path from behind their computers.

If you consider yourself a geek and want to enter the services market, the following innovative business ideas can help you start your own venture. Let’s dive into finding more about them together.

Production of audiovisual content

lucas-favre-4x-67z_TaGo-unsplashOne of the latest trends in gaming is live transmission or streaming via social media or other digital platforms. Supposing you have production knowledge, you can provide professional live recording services of conferences, sports games, debates, or similar events. You need to invest in equipment for post-production to deliver your clients high-quality content like mobile units, cameras, and satellite transmission.

Creation of mobile applications

With an increase in the number of mobile devices, applications have become the most effective way to sell services and products. 79% of smartphone users state that they made a purchase online using their mobile devices, and 80% of them use their mobile devices to check for product reviews or compare prices before buying products from a physical store.

Suppose you have skills in creating applications or mobile games for individuals or organisations who look for ways to improve their lives or facilitate processes. In that case, you have the needed tools to start a successful business idea. Create an app tailored to your clients and provide extra benefits to stay a step ahead of your competition. A company like Sapio Market Research can help you research your target audience to identify their pain points. Keep in mind that your app’s success depends on the flow of buyers, so create a product that addresses their needs and promote it as the ideal solution for their problems.

Robotics camp

andrea-de-santis-zwd435-ewb4-unsplashChildren love robots and technology, so what about starting a business that addresses young people who want to learn more about programming languages and how to use them in real life. All children who love mathematics will most likely show interest in a robotics camp, where they can learn more about using numbers to develop technology and improve their skills. If you know robotics and other geeks who have similar skills and aptitudes, start a business together. Choose distinct themes for each robotics camp to attract children of different ages.

Teach the noobs

You’re good at one or more games, so why not use your skills to make extra cash? Chances are, you can find new players who want to improve their skills and learn from the best. eSports is becoming more popular each day, and more new gamers are looking for opportunities to boost their aptitudes. Teaching noobs how to play your favourite game allows you to capitalise on the rising interest in professional gaming. You can stream more games via the Internet and digital platforms, so you can start your businesses exclusively online and save the expenses associated with opening a land-based office.

Start a video game podcast or blog

Another way to tap into noobs’ desire to keep up to date with gaming secrets and the latest gaming news is to create a gaming podcast or blog where you share your experience. If you start a podcast, you can invite other skilled gamers to join you for discussions about interesting subjects. Supposing you attract enough followers, you can earn money from hosting advertising space, getting sponsors, or promoting services and products. Your goal is to produce a premium product and create a trustworthy brand, so you can sell subscriptions to your podcast and blog.

Create a virtual or augmented reality space

uniboa-NrMGL5MR8uk-unsplashGamers and people passionate about technology are excited about the idea of stepping into a virtual reality that offers something different from what they experience daily. Virtual and augmented reality games offer enticing experiences to players, but at the moment, the technology comes with high price tags, and not everyone can enjoy it. For someone to play virtual and augmented reality games, they need to use powerful gaming equipment and special software. Also, not all gamers have enough space to accommodate a live or virtual reality in their gaming rooms. But you can explore this gap in the market and offer the public access to the latest technology by designing tools and programs that enhance their virtual reality experience without requiring them to leave their houses. You can address the public with the needed tools to access virtual and augmented reality and enhance their experience with new services.

Blog consulting

Nowadays, blogging is easy, so many people are venturing into it. But not everyone knows how to create a blog, even if they have the knowledge, they want to share with its help. Also, those who know how to create a web page don’t know how to customise it and integrate the needed plugins to make their job easy. You can make good money as a blog consultant because millions of people lack skills when it comes to blogging but want to start one. You can reach them with the help of a platform like Freelancer or forums like Facebook groups and Quora.

Web designing

With the growing number of online businesses, this is the ideal moment to learn web designing and sell your skills. Companies can’t afford to not have a website, and for building one, they need a website designer. You can find clients with the help of platforms like Freelancer, Gigbucks, or Fiverr.

The above business ideas can help any geek take the right steps to transform themselves into entrepreneurs.