High Tax Tories Compound Inflation Pain

LONDON - England - Massive levels of inflation are only a symptom of the high tax Tories.

poverty high tax tories

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is the antithesis of every rule or policy the Conservative government ever enacted. His high taxation insanity is more akin to something that Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes subscribed to, and it is only going to get worse with the current high tax Tories under Sunak.

Compounded with high gas prices, and inflation in real terms at over 20%, wages do not go very far today even if you make over 100k per annum. One must think about the majority of the population who live from one pay stub to the next, all it takes for them to fall is one or two weeks of loss of income, and they’re fucked.

poverty2 high tax ToriesFactor in the 6% rise in Council Tax to cover the social care debacle, and it is a certainty many will be put in the  poor house, in other words, they will be living in homes that are over valued, but their income will fall short thus leaving themselves options to either sell up or try to find some way to plug the high council tax demands.

With food prices at an astronomical level, especially in London, as well as utilities, council tax, BBC tax and all the other costs involved to simply stay put — merely existing in this Sunak hell is a costly business.

“Shame on the Tories with their high taxation. I will never vote for them again. They have made the lives of hard-working citizens a nightmare which we can’t seem to wake up from,” one man at a bus stop grumbled.

The Tories have not only killed off entrepreneurial enterprise in the economy with high taxation, but they have also squandered pretty much every opportunity Brexit gave them. With Brexit, the high tax Tories had an amazing opportunity to lift Britain out of the EU mire, but instead the UK is still under the rule of the ECJ, and Brussels. The Socialist Tory party seems more concerned with wallpaper than anything concerned with Brexit or illegal Channel crossings.

Poverty And Hunger

How will 2022 work out for you and your family? Well, one thing is for certain, you will be way poorer than you were in previous years, and the pain will continue to get worse. What alternative do Brits have, apart from the Labour Party, which will not only murder the economy with even more profligacy but will increase the woke soviet agenda to unprecedented levels?

If there is an election in the near future, there will be no one to vote for simply because one party is no better than the other.

In an increasingly polarised world, many are being forced to their breaking point, and this may even be a catalyst for more riots and civil unrest amongst populations. You can only push people so far before all hell breaks loose.

Prepare for some very high household bills next year, and commiserations if you have a large family. Many will not be able to service their debts, many will lose their homes, and many will lose their lives, this time from poverty — not Covid.