Rishi Sunak: No ‘Singapore on the Thames’ With Heavy Tax Rises

LONDON - England - The Tories have squandered their chance of a 'Singapore on the Thames' style of economic development with insane tax rises.

Is this a Tory government? Huge corporation tax rises by Chancellor Rishi Sunak are more akin to a heavily socialist government, and any aspersions of encouraging growth in the fucked economy are shot to hell, especially with tax increases that will cripple businesses, and scupper any chance of a ‘Singapore on the Thames’ style of economy ever coming into fruition.

It is not exactly innovative for a government to steal the Opposition’s economic manifesto, but seeing as Corbyn’s former shadow Chancellor’s insane economic policies have all been nicked lock stock and barrel, one can only sit back and shake one’s head in disbelief.

When people vote for a Tory government, they don’t expect a pseudo-socialist communist entity rearing its ugly head into their bank accounts and taking what it wants.

As for people who get a decent salary, enjoy giving your hard-earned money straight into the tax vault. What is the incentive for business or career success, to have a major part of your cash sucked straight out of your bank account to pay off a ridiculous 2 Trillion pound deficit that should not really be there? Entrepreneurship in the UK is now a non-starter, stifled by vast taxation.

Furloughing so many failing businesses is an exercise in futility, Rishi Sunak might as well be throwing money down a very deep well.

Add in the Council Tax rises to the mix, and at the end of the month many will be wondering where all their money went. Most councils, in London especially, only collect rubbish from households once every two weeks, all of this while fat cat council chiefs holiday in Barbados with their insanely high salaries funded by people who can barely get by.

No government has fared well with the Chinese Virus, however with Brexit and an exit of the EU’s restrictive rules, Britain should have excelled, instead it is being pulled deeper into the mire of debt because of the profligate spending of the Chancellor.

The worst part of this whole sorry affair, where the Tory government is indistinguishable from Labour is that the future generations of this country will end up burdened with this debt, possibly for the next four or five decades. Beating the EU with a Singapore on the Thames is now a long-lost memory that will never materialise.