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Meghan Markle Secret Bully Beef Recipe Revealed by Oprah

MONTECITO - USA - According to Meghan Markle, Bully Beef is a dish that should be served up every day, or she will get very angry and make you cry.

Meghan Markle has a wonderful secret she will reveal soon through her friend Oprah. Bully Beef is a favourite dish of Markle’s, and she wants every one to check out this special dish, or she will get very angry and say things so bad you will all start crying.

Opening up a can of Bully

“When Meghan wakes up in the afternoon, about 4ish, she immediately opens up a can of Bully Beef, and if it is not delivered from the pantry to her room fast enough, she starts shouting at the staff, belittling them, insulting them and threatening to sack them allegedly,” one fearful staff member revealed anonymously.

Opening up a can of Bully, as she calls it is one of Meghan’s secrets to her ‘delightful’ persona, which is pretty nasty, as Harry himself testified when he revealed ‘What Meghan wants, she gets!’. In this case, it’s a can of Bully Beef, with a heavy dose of actual bullying if not delivered fast enough.

According to staff insiders, Meghan allegedly goes through PAs like the Vatican goes through choir boys, one minute they are there, next, they are seen crying in abject terror as they run away with their own lives.

Oprah will film a special show in her kitchen bestowing the vast benefits of eating Meghan Markle’s Bully Beef recipe with the message: “If you don’t eat my fucking Bully Beef recipe, I’m gonna come round and beat the shit out of you!”

Bully for you…

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