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Rishi Sunak: No ‘Singapore on the Thames’ With Heavy Tax Rises

LONDON - England - The Tories have squandered their chance of a 'Singapore on the Thames' style of economic development with insane tax rises.

Coronavirus: US May Soon Not Be Able to Pay Its Debt...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The US may soon not be able to even pay the interest payments for its debt due to coronavirus lockdowns and quarantine.

The World is Simply Waiting For America to Fold

LONDON - England - America is a country that has existed for only 241 years, yet has inflicted a terrible price on the globe.

Italy Debt 132% of GDP at €2.229 Trillion

ROME - Italy - The Eurozone is on the brink of an economic cataclysm never before witnessed as Italy's debt blows up.

Bankrupt Argentina Wants to Move Whole Country to Falklands For UK...

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - It has finally been revealed what Cristina Kirchner, the Argentine leader is planning to do in the next few months.

Obama Wants Every American to Sell Tupperware to Reduce Deficit

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama at his Inauguration ceremony yesterday asked all Americans to get together and sell Tupperware to get the country out of its $18 trillion deficit.

Obama: “U.S. Can Pay Debt By Borrowing More”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama says that he got his idea while reading a book about former unelected prime minister Gordon Brown.

Happy New Fiscal Cliff Year

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Brace for impact! It's going to be a bumper year in 2013 thanks to the morons in the U.S. Congress who couldn't come up with a Fiscal Cliff deal before January 1st 2013.

Merkel to Star in My Big Fat Greek Debt II

ATHENS - Greece - German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to become a film star in the latest version of blockbuster 'My Big Fat Greek Debt II'.

Scientists Unveil New ‘Debt Go Away’ Pill

ROTTERDAM - Netherlands - Scientists at the Van Der Sar Institute have revealed the new pill which they claim takes away people's debt in one fell swoop.

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