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Obama Wants Every American to Sell Tupperware to Reduce Deficit

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama at his Inauguration ceremony yesterday asked all Americans to get together and sell Tupperware to get the country out of its $18 trillion deficit.

“Folks, I was playing golf the other day and I thought to myself, ding, why don’t I get every American to sell tupperware so that we can get out of my spending spree created deficit and recession. If every American made say fifty bucks a day and gave it to the government we could pay 1% of the interest on the debt we owe. You know that is at least something, right?” Obama said to rapturous applause from the Inaugeration audience.

The democrats want all Americans to sell as much tupperware as they can possible manage.

“If you can’t sell it to your granny or members of your family, how about random people in the street? Just tell them it’s their patriotic duty to buy or we all go down the drain,” Al Sterrincs, an Obama campaign officer told CBS news.

Democrat economists praised the Obama idea but there’s only one minor drawback. If everyone has tupperware and are trying to sell their tupperware to people who have tonnes of tupperware, then who’s going to buy the tupperware?

And that’s not all, we gon’ have all this tupperware but no food to put in it,” Janice Delray, 45, an unemployed woman on food stamps from Kentucky told local news stations.

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