Mali Gold Mines Safe For Now French Army Says

BAMAKO - Mali - French commanders have breathed a collective sigh of relief at saving the country's gold mines from any Al Qaida terrorists.

“We have liberated the gold mines and have preserved democracy for the big gold nuggets in the mines so that the bad guys don’t get them,” Lieutenant Julien Francois told Le Figaro.

The ongoing operation was dangerous and some French personnel were unfortunately lost during the repatriation of the gold mines.

“Mali is just one big gold mine, it’s a good thing that these Al Qaidas are running around all over the place, n’est pas? Otherwise why would we be here? Allez, we have to rendezvous at another gold mine where we saw some more Al Qaida and liberate those gold nuggets,” another French soldier said before leaving in the convoy.

It’s a good thing that France is broke at the moment and they have no need for such natural resources.