Daily Squib Offer: Win an Indian Bus Tour of New Delhi

NEW DELHI - India - The Daily Squib is offering five lucky female readers a bad taste once in a life time trip on a bus touring India's wonderful rape capital city.

If you win the competition by submitting an answer to the question below you will be flown in third class to New Delhi, India and you will go on a bus tour of the colourful capital city.

The five lucky Delhi Bus Tour comp. winners are sure to have the time of their lives as they are driven around the city in a bus full of leering sex starved Indian men.

To win the competition tell us how many women were raped per day in New Delhi in 2012? a) 23 b) 65 c) 89

Send your answers on a postcard to: Daily Squib Delhi Bus Comp. P.O Box 2396, 17 Rapine Street, London, W1 6DA