Egyptian Mummy is Actually Daddy British Museum Claims

LONDON - England - An ancient Egyptian mummy is actually a daddy according to senior anthropologist, professor Dean Arkleblather of the British Museum.

“We thought it was a mummy but after closer inspection this one seems to be a daddy, although we’re not 100% certain that there was any offspring, it does have some male genitalia left,” professor Arkleblather said.

The hundred odd mummies all in the British Museum are now being re-examined and in some cases renamed.

“I do feel rather silly about it all. I’ve been calling them mummies ever since I was a little lad but now it seems a lot of them are daddies,” a British Museum attendee said on Saturday.

The shadow cabinet Labour gender equalities minister, Harriet Harperson chimed in about the news: “Even though I detest the male species with a vengeance, I believe in equality to some extent, therefore I will allow these mummies to be daddies as well.”