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Daily Squib in Talks With Egyptian Courts to Release Singer Who...

CAIRO - Egypt - A court which gave a two year jail sentence to a singer who appeared in a music video eating a banana has been petitioned by our lawyers and should be released soon.

Whatever Happened to EgyptAir MS804?

PARIS - France - The mystery of EgyptAir MS804 is being kept very quiet by the French authorities and there does not seem to be any sight of details about the midair plane explosion that killed 56 passengers and 10 crew in May.

We’re Giving Away 200 Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

SHARM EL-SHEIKH - Egypt - Feel the heat this winter with a holiday that you will be guaranteed to remember for the rest of your short life.

Stork Detained as Spy in Egypt Caught Trying to Fly Away

CAIRO - Egypt - A stork detained by Egyptian authorities on suspicion of being a spy has made a failed attempt to fly away say Egyptian news outlets.

Egyptian Civil War: Real Pyramids and Sphinx to be Moved to...

GIZA - Egypt - The real pyramids will be moved to Las Vegas, USA after a ground breaking deal between casino bosses and the current Egyptian government to safeguard them from civil war.

Egyptians Celebrate Transition From One Dictator to Next Dictator

CAIRO - Egypt - Celebrations took place across Egypt all last night after the previous dictator was deposed by another dictator.

Egyptian Mummy is Actually Daddy British Museum Claims

LONDON - England - An ancient Egyptian mummy is actually a daddy according to senior anthropologist, professor Dean Arkleblather of the British Museum.

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