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Afrocentric Netflix Fake History Blamed For Ruining Egyptian Tourism

CAIRO - Egypt - A recent fake 'documentary' by Netflix is being blamed for ruining the Egyptian tourism sector.

“No one wants to come here now because people think ancient Egyptians were blacks,” the Egyptian board of Tourism decried the lies spread by a recent fake documentary from streaming company Netflix.

The tourism sector is one of the largest employers in Egypt, providing 3.1 million jobs, or 9.5% of the total workforce. In 2018, Egypt recorded 9.8 million international arrivals, an increase of 48% compared to the previous year.

Just as Egypt is recovering from the pandemic and lockdowns that affected the tourism industry across the globe, a pseudo-documentary from Netflix that has stolen actual Egyptian culture and planted an Afrocentric slant to the entire dynasty of Ancient Egypt has added to the malaise.

“These people have not only stolen our culture and history with blatant misinformation and lies, but they have damaged our tourism industry. It may take decades to repair this damage,” a spokesman for the tourism board revealed on Tuesday.

It’s not all bad news though, Shaquanda Johnsons, 34, from Mississippi is booking a flight from America to Alexandria to visit the land of black Cleopatra.

“Imma fidner go to da Egypt ‘n’ shiet 2 see fo masselve whut da black queen Culeopatras wuz doin ‘n’ shiet. I save up ma cash money from da BLM looting. I culd pay me retun tickit. We loot all da stos, Walmart, Target y’all name it. I stil got sum dough left ‘n’ shiet. Why they no liquor stoh on top da Ejyp pyramids, I axe u dat? I gots 2 thank Saint George Floyd, if it wont fo’ him resistin’ arrest I wuld nut b abel 2 finances dis trip 2 Eegypt. Imma cum 2 ma land – we bilt da pyramids ‘n’ shiet. Egyptins are all black! It’s offishul.”

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  1. I think I brought up a little sick seeing one of those Jamaican videos. Imagine the smell from her….sticking in your face.

  2. At least the ghetto queens of America will be making a pilgrimage to the stolen heritage lands of Egypt.

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