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New Documentary to Portray Martin Luther King as Chinese Man

HOLLYWOOD - USA - A new documentary out soon will depict American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jnr. as a Chinese man.

If it is okay to erase and defile history with the likes of Cleopatra being a black woman, a new documentary to be released soon will depict Martin Luther King as a Chinese man.

Released in August, the documentary entitled The Real Chinese MLK will delve into the life and struggle of American civil rights icon Martin Luther King played by an unknown Chinese actor from Beijing.

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“I was with my son, and he asked why can’t we see African American icons depicted as Chinese people? I immediately picked up the phone and assembled a crew for shooting,” director of the project, Heinrich Pinkett Smithy, told LA Week magazine.

The documentary will change black history forever by going Chinese. Martin Luther King Jnr. will be depicted as a scrawny Chinese man.

“In one scene Martin Luther King starts dancing in his local baptist church. Because he is Chinese, he is totally out of rhythm and dances with jerky movements while the audience, who are all black, also join in.

Even the famous “I have a dream” speech by MLK has been rewritten with a Chinese perspective, and will change everything for the cause. It will be a speech about education, saving money, running businesses and working for a living instead of revelling in victimhood, rioting, prison, crime and shunning education to live in the projects.

“I remember as a kid seeing some black actor play Martin Luther King Jnr.” the director revealed. “I was captivated, but even then, I felt the image was not right. Was his skin really that black?

“With this new production, could I find the answers about Martin Luther King’s heritage and release him from the stranglehold that Hollywood had placed on his image?”

He continued: “So, was MLK black? We don’t know for sure, but we can be certain he wasn’t black like some dark ass Mandingo from the deepest west African jungle near the upper Niger valley or something.

“We need to have a conversation with ourselves about our colourism, and the internalized black supremacy that Hollywood has indoctrinated us with. Most of all, we need to realise that Martin Luther King’s story is less about him than it is about who we are.”

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