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The Woke Cannot Create Anything New They Can Only Mess With the Past

LONDON - England - The woke are stuck in the past and can only defile history. They cannot create anything new or innovative.

The Woke political orientation is a regressive negative form of ideology that is not only based on Marxist principles but is stuck in the past. It cannot create anything new, it can only mess with past historical events. One example is the latest Cleopatra documentary by Netflix where all historical and scholarly information about the queen based in Alexandria, Egypt was ignored and instead Cleopatra was portrayed falsely by the woke production team purely for ideological purposes as a sub-Saharan African. This form of historical negationism is very prevalent in totalitarian communist and fascist regimes, where history is falsely rewritten or erased purely for ideological reasons. The woke have thus stooped to the lowly levels of repressive totalitarian regimes to put their false narrative across.

Erasing and cancelling strands of history is a very dangerous pursuit, but it serves the purposes of the woke because they can rewrite the past to suit their needs in the current time, and also fool millions of their followers to think that their version of re-written history is correct. This form of denialism is politically motivated to induce a false narrative to indoctrinate the easily swayed masses that follow wokism without question, who are predominantly not educated to a standard that can differentiate lies and real facts.

Hijacking other people’s history and implanting your own racially or politically motivated lies is a crude method utilised by the woke, as demonstrated most recently by the fake Cleopatra Netflix documentary. Because sub-Saharan Africans have no real written history of any note, it was the woke duty of so-called enlightened African American supremacists who have been given free rein in Hollywood to hijack Egyptian culture and history for their own politically motivated and racist needs. Cleopatra was most not certainly NOT a sub-Saharan African, but was of European Greek/Macedonian stock, as depicted by numerous Roman portraits of the time. Her bloodline descended directly from Alexander’s generals, yet in the Netflix documentary, Cleopatra is falsely depicted as a sub-Saharan African.

This kind of appropriation and false rewriting of history should not be allowed in any decent, honest society and is a crime not only to real historical fact but ultimately damages humanity as a whole. The people who perpetuated this crime should be treated as the criminals they are, and their blatant lies exposed.

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