Daily Squib in Talks With Egyptian Courts to Release Singer Who Ate Banana

CAIRO - Egypt - A court which gave a two year jail sentence to a singer who appeared in a music video eating a banana has been petitioned by our lawyers and should be released soon.

Shaimaa Ahmed, a 25-year-old known professionally as Shyma, was arrested last month after the video sparked outrage in the conservative country.

Daily Squib defence lawyers were flown out to Egypt Tuesday to file a petition in the court of appeal to save Shyma.

An official from the Egyptian court however has made a statement to local news that the Daily Squib cannot overrule any Egyptian court.

Fawaz Hussein, said: “We will not allow such intermediaries to come to our country to dissolve our strict Islamic laws. This woman was eating a banana on camera, and the way she did it is the result of her imprisonment.”

The Daily Squib’s message to you Shaimaa, in the name of art, what you did was perfectly fine. We will rescue you from jail. Please hang tight, and keep eating those bananas.