FAKE NEWS: Donald Trump Outraged at New Book That Reimagines Strange Historical Facts Through His Eyes

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump today declared that all books written by satirical author David Hutter be incinerated in the White House incinerator.


Writing on Twitter where the president reveals most of his enlightened brain farts, he declared the book – FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump as a load of ‘Fake news worthy of CNN’.

The book written by up-and-coming author David Hutter includes some great stuff about Keef Richards, mad vikings, Gaius Caligula, King Pep II from 2284BC, and killer rabbits that chomp on fingers and other appendages that may be in the way.

Exploring the shallow depths of the president’s mind, this book will have you rolling along the floor swearing like some kind of obscene parrot at a Kim Jong Un celebration prior to an imminent nuclear attack on Washington D.C.

What else can we say, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read, and anyone who likes strange facts peppered here or there will assuredly be satisfied, much like Donald is when he releases his daily Twitter illumination.

Buy the book at a very reasonable price before Trump has the lot incinerated.