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Streaming Company: “Racist Egyptians Are a Disgrace to Their Own Black History”

LOS ANGELES - USA - The entire nation of Egypt and its people have been labelled as racist by an Afrocentric streaming company who created a revisionist docudrama depiction of Cleopatra.

In a stunning move that has left an entire nation reeling, a major TV company has labelled the whole nation of Egypt as racist. The controversy started when the TV company released a docudrama about Cleopatra that depicted her as a completely different person than what is traditionally accepted as fact.

“Egyptians are all n*iggers from Sub-Saharan Africa, and they should be proud of their new history we gave them, especially how we blackwashed those ungrateful bastards in our revisionist docudrama. I pity the racist pieces of shit Egyptian people,” the actress who stole the character of Cleopatra told CNN.

According to the TV company, Cleopatra was not a beautiful and powerful Macedonian Greek queen who seduced Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Instead, she was a mediocre-looking Sub-Saharan African woman with an IQ lower than a grapefruit who lived in a mud hut, had a penchant for stealing cutlery, but was supposedly queen over all Egypt. The TV company’s revisionist history by the Afrocentric movement has caused outrage and confusion among historians, as well as everyday people who know the real story of Cleopatra.

But that’s not all. The TV company also labelled the entire nation of Egypt as racist. According to the company’s spokesperson, the docudrama was created to highlight the racism that has been present in Egypt for centuries. The spokesperson went on to say that the TV company stands behind its portrayal of Cleopatra and the depiction of Egypt as a racist nation.

Stealing history

“We hate the Egyptian people, they are racist Nazi trash, all of them. We hate your culture, so we changed it, and we insult and spit on your history so that you can learn a lesson in racism you fascist Egyptian pieces of donkey shit. Black people built the pyramids — my grandma told me so!” Jenkem Pinko Smithers, the series producer, said on Sunday.

The people of Egypt have responded with anger and disbelief. Many have taken to social media to express their outrage and demand an apology from the TV company. Some have even called for a boycott of the company’s products and services.

In a statement, the Egyptian government condemned the TV company’s actions and demanded an apology. The government also expressed concern about the negative impact the docudrama could have on tourism, which is a major source of revenue for the country.

Meanwhile, the TV company’s executives are standing firm in their belief that the docudrama accurately depicts Cleopatra and Egypt. They have refused to apologize or retract their statements, citing artistic freedom and the need to challenge traditional narratives.

As the controversy continues to boil over, one thing is clear: the TV company’s docudrama has not only stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy but has also managed to make a mockery of history and an entire nation.

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