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Civil Rights Icon Malcolm X to be Portrayed as White Trans Man in Documentary

LOS ANGELES - USA - A new documentary will portray African American civil rights icon Malcolm X as a gay white trans person.

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The new Netflix documentary will portray American civil rights icon Malcolm X as a white trans man, the streaming service announced on Thursday.

Series producer, Daniel Rattcliffe from Los Angeles said: “My son asked me one time, daddy, why can’t we have a gay white trans guy as an African American civil rights icon? I immediately got up and started phoning casting agents, and we got to work. We wanted to find someone who fit the bill, and right away we got him — some guy called Dylan Mulvincey.”

Malcolm X will be portrayed as a gay make-up artist who funnily enough is also an American Presbyterian minister and human rights activist, as well as a prominent figure in US civil rights. A spokesman for the transgender community, he is also a vocal advocate for Black Gay Trans empowerment and the promotion of transgenderism within the Black community.

Mulvincey was excited to take the call and immediately took on the role of Malcolm X.

“I was so excited I opened up another can of Bud Light. Apparently, Malcolm Z was a black man, but they chose me instead. I am so excited! (Squeals with delight, flapping arms around). I don’t know many black people, but I adore black men, especially here in Beverly Hills, but I promise to do my best to portray Malcolm Y as she was meant to be. Today I am wearing a pink chiffon dress and I also have a big moustache they glue on above my upper botoxed lip. Do you think this bunch of pansies will substitute for a gun? I heard Malcolm Q was quite the sex shooter.”

Donna Pinkett Shazzam, the director of the project, revealed the agenda of the documentary: “We want all African Americans to explore their inner homosexuality and also to consider becoming transgender. Remember, all you have to do is think it and we will do the rest by chopping off your cocks and balls. We want to indoctrinate you and your children to become trans white people. This is inclusivity, folks. We want to overtake your culture and make it our own. Embrace your gayness, or just learn how to do it. Look, Malcolm X was a white gay trans, how much more beautiful and inclusive is that?”

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