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Woman Heard ‘Jerry!’ Chants From Cloud After Jerry Springer Died

CHICAGO - USA - A woman and several witnesses claim to have heard the infamous 'Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!' coming from a cloud in the sky after Jerry Springer died.

A Chicago woman claims she heard Jerry Springer show like chants coming from some clouds in the sky just after hearing that Jerry Springer had died.

Gina Plenty, 32, a waitress from Chicago, Illinois, said she had just finished her shift at Titties Bar & Grill when she heard on the radio that talk show host Jerry Springer had just died.

“I was just about to call my brother Enos, when I heard the ‘Jerry’ chant. I turned off the radio, and still could hear ‘Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!’. I looked up in the sky and could see a strange light from the clouds and a crowd cheering and clapping.”

At one point, the chanting got so loud, others in the car park looked up into the sky.

One guy pointed up and said that’s Jerry Springer. “He gotta show going on right now on that cloud.” Others nodded their heads in dismay.

According to witnesses, there was a sudden flash of lightning and the chanting abruptly stopped.

“My guess is God shut it off. Imagine going to heaven and seeing a constant, never ending Jerry Springer show for eternity with all these whacky guests. That’s more like hell than heaven,” a man with a top hat, walking stick and strange sulphur smell, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, said.

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