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Comrade Starmer to Rig Future General Elections by Giving Millions of EU Nationals the Vote

SCUNTHORPE - England - Labour leader plans to rig the general election so that the Tories will never be elected again in the UK.

Labour leader accused of wanting to rig general elections by letting migrants who live in UK and pay tax have a say.

Marxist comrade in chief of the Labour Party Keir Starmer will hand the vote to millions of EU citizens if Labour wins the next general election. Along with fellow Marxists, the Lib Dem coalition will also ensure that a new referendum will be set up to re-join the EU.

It was a bold move, one that could shake the very foundations of British politics and send shockwaves through the halls of Westminster. Imagine a scenario where successive elections are completely rigged in favour of Labour winning, simply because of a vast increase in voters who are staunch socialists and communists.

Comrade Starmer is about to unleash a manifesto plan that would expand the franchise to include settled migrants and 16 and 17-year-olds, adding millions of new Labour voters to reshape the political landscape of the country forever.

“As well as winning every successive election in the future, we will also re-join the Soviet EU bloc once again. I have to thank Tony Blair for bringing in tens of millions of sovietised EU citizens during his reign who are now Labour voters, and fellow Marxists like Joe Biden/Obama who have opened US borders completely to let in tens of thousands of South American migrants into the country as future Democrat voters,” comrade Starmer told a group of Labour commissars on Friday.

And the numbers speak for themselves. Migrants and young people are more likely to be Labour supporters, according to polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice. The move would potentially force the Conservatives out of London altogether and unseat Boris Johnson if he stood again for Parliament in 2029.

“Comrades, we all know that socialism leads to full-blown communism. We are on that very path, and a soviet UK is our ultimate goal,” he said. “This task is ongoing, difficult and enormous. It is, if you like, Clause IV on steroids. And the results last week show our work is beginning to pay off.”

It is a battle for the very soul of the nation, a fight that would test the limits of his leadership and the resolve of his party. But Starmer is ready to take on the challenge, to fight for what he believes in — British soviet communism.

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