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8 Clerihews Defaming Rishi Sunak

AUTOCRAT-LAND - An ode to unelected accountant number cruncher and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Rishi Sunak
until the flu vax
handed out cash to many folk,
but only to avoid a mass-revolt.

Rishi Sunak,
you must feel like a eunuch.
Your wife’s 600 million sum
makes a PM’s pay seem like crumbs.

Rishi Sunak,
so suave like John Cusack.
His film Con Air is like your party:
full of crooks and the terminally ghastly.

Rishi Sunak’s
taken a new tack:
employ Zahawi and Braverman
to oppress those who look like them.

Rishi Sunak
must love the kulaks.
‘Cos they loved caviar, wine and profit
And told the Bolsheviks where to shove it.

Rishi Sunak
has no gulag.
But bless him, he’s doing his best
with draconian laws to crush protest.

Some of Rishi Sunak’s
fans liked Munich
around the mid of the last century
when it was rather ubermensch-ery.

Rishi Sunak
used a ton of blu-tack
to fix the economy Liz Truss stuffed.
So why the fuck are we still fucking fucked?

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