Egyptian Civil War: Real Pyramids and Sphinx to be Moved to Las Vegas

GIZA - Egypt - The real pyramids will be moved to Las Vegas, USA after a ground breaking deal between casino bosses and the current Egyptian government to safeguard them from civil war.

The $23 billion deal was sealed last night on the onset of an Egyptian civil war that could leave the pyramids of Giza in piles of rubble.

“It is the best thing for Egypt and a damn good deal for Las Vegas. We’re gonna have authentic pyramids right here in Vegas on the strip. It’s going to attract millions more visitors from all over the world,” Giancarlo Scarlotti, current casino boss at the Royale Palisades told CNN.

Already a team of 2,000 movers have been flown to Egypt, which is embroiled in a deadly civil war between the Obama installed current government and Muslim Brotherhood faction, Morsi.

“We’re just gonna cut each pyramid up into three pieces, then put it all on a tanker and ship ’em to the USA. They should get to Vegas by December just in time for Christmas. Can you imagine the Christmas lights on those things? We might even have a Christmas tree right on the top. The Sphinx needs a goddamn nose job anyway, we’re gonna give it a new nose because it ain’t had one in thousands of years,” Dan Leboutte, one of the team on the project revealed to local news stations in Cairo.