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Think Tank: Why Migration Into EU Should Be Encouraged At All...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is in desperate need for millions more migration into the European Union. Everyone from Third World/Developing nations is welcome.

Ebola Spreads Again – Africans Love Their Bushmeat

KINSHASA - Congo - One would have thought that things may have changed since the last outbreak of Ebola, but sadly they have not.

#MeToo Creator Sets Off to Study African Wildlife to Better Understand...

KIBALE - Uganda - Celebrated #metoo creator Tarana Burke goes to the jungle and savannah to study natural biological male animal characteristics, to better understand the human male animal.

Black Panther Review – Wakanda Fantasy Beyond Awful

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Black Panther film is an American insult to Africans and the continent of Africa. View with caution.

Mugabe Democratic Election Into Obscurity Goes Well

HARARE - Zimbabwe - Former president Robert Mugabe is under house arrest after a military coup overthrowing him from his terrible reign.

Black Overload: Oscars Go All White

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Hollywood Oscars this year are all about race according to disgruntled black actors, but the question should be, what about other races apart from black people, who have had supremacy during the Obama reign?

Mr. Ugly Zimbabwe Honoured By Mugabe

HARARE - Zimbabwe - This year's annual Mr Ugly contest has come to a crashing end with a certain Mison Sere tipping the scales in ugliness.

Pistorius Shooting Spree Kills 23 After Prison Release

PRETORIA - South Africa - Oscar Pistorius, the jailed former athlete, enjoyed an impromptu shooting spree on Monday soon after his jail release.

Obama Wants More Gay Saunas in Africa

NAIROBI - Kenya - Starving Africans in extreme poverty have other things on their minds today, like how to be more gay and what cock ring to wear in a gay sauna, thanks to president Barack Obama.

Nigerian Restaurant Review

ANAMBRA - Nigeria - Our resident restaurant critic, Herman Van Helsing, dined at the world famous -10 Star un-Michelin rated Nigerian restaurant and posts his valued opinion on the culinary delights available.

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