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Why Are Some Blacks Ashamed to Admit African Heritage?

WINDSOR - England - In light of an employee of the Royal family branded a racist and sacked for asking a black woman of her heritage, why are some blacks ashamed of their African ancestors?

Recently, an employee of the British Royal family was forced to quit and labelled a racist for asking a black woman about her African heritage. Many blacks are now ashamed to say they came from the great continent of Africa, when they should be proud of their African roots and ancestors.

There is something very wrong with any society or culture when people are branded as racists for simply seeing things as they are. Black people, wherever they live in the world are Africans. Be proud of Africa, and do not be ashamed of your heritage. It does not matter what your name is, how much you lighten your skin with creams, your adopted accent, or the blonde wigs you wear, or the clothes you wear, your blood is African, your ancestors came from Africa, why even try to hide this fact? Why are you appropriating Western styles in dress, and appropriating Western Christian names and religions? If you are a black person who believes in the Christian religion, it is because your ancestors had Christianity forced on them by missionaries. Over generations you have been generationally brainwashed in Christianity, which has nothing to do with Africa, and never will. Socialists and Marxists in the West are not the friends of black people, they use you for their own agenda of disruption, they compartmentalise you, they encourage you to stay in the ghettos, they are not your friend, stay away from their socialist plantations they built to keep you in perpetual victimhood and imprisonment.

Stop playing the usual cowardly victim racism card being promoted by celebrities like Meghan Markle. Ultimately we are all humans, and people like Markle are only trying to sow division and hatred to sell Netflix subscriptions and Spotify podcast listens. Manipulative entities like that are inherently evil because they are sowing racial division for monetary profit.

Africans must be proud of where they came from, do not hide, do not try to become someone or something else. Every black person who finds themselves living in Western developed nations, if you all made the journey home to your true ancestral lands you could make the African continent even greater, you could build Africa up and with ultimate pride, move forwards — not backwards.


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  1. I think the reason why they do not admit their African heritage is because they are genuinely ashamed and disgusted of where they are from. It is actually pretty sad.

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