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Kanye West Would Not Exist if Hitler Won WW2

LOS ANGELES - USA - When rappers like Kanye West praise Hitler and the Nazis, do they know that Hitler would have had them killed?

“Kanye West is a very confused, mentally deficient, disturbed individual who may idolise Adolf Hitler and the Nazis due partly to his hatred of Jewish people, but his own ignorance about history is also a factor to look at. The fact is, if Hitler and the Axis won in WW2, the eugenics programs would have sterilised all non-Aryan races across the globe. Kanye West would thus not exist because his ancestors would have either been gassed or sterilised. The negroid race was deemed as inferior and animalistic by the Nazis,” an Auschwitz survivor commented recently.

Nazi Schutzpolizei beim Sport
1933 Der Staat der Arbeit und des Friedens

Ideally, Hitler’s beloved National Socialist Party would have expanded the concentration camp death system globally if the Nazis had won the war against the Allies. Eugenics and mass sterilisation programs are expensive and time intensive endeavours, especially when rolled out globally. The Nazis would probably have opted for a faster more efficient manner of cleansing via the expansion of the death camp system to quickly dispatch billions of so-called Untermenschen (sub-human races). Who is to say, from the 1950s onwards, the Germans would not develop far more efficient mass killing methods than the crude Zyklon-B gas chambers?

All other non-Aryan races are seen by fascist Nazis as genetic pollutants to be eradicated with extreme prejudice. Out of all races, the Nazis had scales, and the race that Kanye West belongs to is the bottom of the rung. Hitler’s Nazis feared the purity of the Aryan race being infected by the “throwback” African gene more so than of even Jewish blood. One can thus imagine death camps working day and night in the African continent for decades after the war until Hitler’s dream could be realised. Dr Mengele would be having a wonderful time as usual.

Ignorant, uneducated rappers with poor vocabulary and knowledge are still given a voice to spread their stupid ignorant thoughts. Why is that?

Well, the answer is quite simple really, West’s handlers, Jewish or not, have washed their hands of him and are now allowing him free rein to dig his own grave with his schizoid psychosis. If Kanye West had any dignity or intelligence, he would not be in the situation he is in now.

If Hitler had won the war, he would have neutralised Kanye West’s negroid ancestors and he would not exist today. How do you like your idol now Kanye?

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