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British History Matters

LONDON - England - British History Matters, as do all other historical accounts of man's journey, whether deemed favourable or not to whichever faction. We must preserve history.

Good or bad, all history matters, as does the illustrious history of Britain. British History Matters.

Erasing history is the antithesis of er…history….because history happened whether you like it or not.

Without history, man cannot see his folly, or learn from his mistakes.

By erasing history, man is condemned to repeating his mistakes ad infinitum.

Burning books, and erasing history, is a pursuit followed by fascists, communists and other extreme totalitarian regimes like ISIS, and the Taliban.


British history is one of the richest in the world, and should be preserved, cherished, whether your view is favourable or not.

History is a lesson in humankind and the winding road of progress.

People who seek to erase history or culture are ignorant fools, who need to get an education that may enlighten their closed off, blinkered minds that have a very limited world view.

Your model of the world is coloured by knowledge and wisdom, not by a cancel culture of censorship limiting intellectual knowledge, destroying culture and art.

Never be ashamed of your ancestry, or believe the communists and fascists that tell you that you should be ashamed of your past, or atone for your ancestors in any way.

One day, hopefully extremist totalitarian, authoritarian political ideologies like communism and fascism can be removed from human society because they only create hatred/war/chaos/censorship and death. This is the one thing that needs to be cancelled, deleted and removed — not history — not statues — not art — not comedy!

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