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British History Matters

LONDON - England - British History Matters, as do all other historical accounts of man's journey, whether deemed favourable or not to whichever faction. We must preserve history.

The EU: 'More Tax Please You're British'

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The British people will now have to work for over 250 days in the year to make any money for themselves, after it was revealed that the EU wants to tax Britain further.

Obama: "British Should Apologise for American Built Gulf Coast Oil Rig...

LOUISIANA - USA - The American company that built and owns the Deepwater Horizon rig, Transocean, as well as another American company, Halliburton were today praised by Barack Obama for their stellar work in causing lots of anti-British feeling in America.

Pregnant Women Denied Alcohol

British women are renowned for being the heaviest drinkers in Europe and vow to fight the alcohol reduction quota whilst pregnant.

British Youth Culture

London - Social Anthropologist Dr. David Sinclair has carried out an in depth investigation into British Youth Culture and offers his diagnosis.

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