Think Tank: Why Migration Into EU Should Be Encouraged At All Costs

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is in desperate need for millions more migration into the European Union. Everyone from Third World/Developing nations is welcome.

Mass illegal migration of people fleeing from Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, should be encouraged and welcomed in the EU, a leading think tank reveals.

“Today, thousands of boats full of desperate human beings hoping for a better life, are landing on the coasts of southern EU countries. Everyday there is a massive influx of people from some of the poorest nations in the world. It is the EU’s job to accept these people and to house and feed them.

“The EU is responsible for the wellbeing of migrants from all over the world, and should accept these human beings as their own.

“Mass migration is a definite improvement to the EU population which is declining and is a predominantly ageing statistic.


“The migrants crossing the ocean into the EU perilously should be commended for their bravery and their hope of finding a better way of life for them, their children and extended families. We must all come together as one human race, and these are the tenets of the EU, as one single union.

“Statistics and research show that in the summer of 2018, at least 500,000 migrants are making their way into Spain and Southern Italy. The EU should aim higher, and more migration numbers should be accepted.”

Please support more migration into the EU and the dedicated teams of people helping more migrants to make their dreams come true.


If you are reading this from any of those global regions mentioned above, please make your way safely to the EU mainland. You will be looked after, free meals, shelter, and housing for you and all of your family members. Please avoid sea traffickers and sea routes as they are very dangerous.

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