Black Panther Review – Wakanda Fantasy Beyond Awful

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Black Panther film is an American insult to Africans and the continent of Africa. View with caution.

The new Black Panther film is atrocious, and no one with any standards should go and see it, unless you catch it on an internet streaming site for free. People should not fund such a ridiculous racially divisive film which glorifies black supremacy and racism entertwined in impossible fantasy.

In the isolationist fictional world of Wakanda; no immigration is allowed, the city has large walls around it, is a homogeneous ethno-state where only black people are allowed, and promotes black supremacy over all other races. Just reverse the colour and you get Trump’s vision of America.

Amongst this utopian fantasy world lives black superheros with insane technology that can only be dreamed of, and is not close to reality in any way.

Who designed this technological cornucopia of immense intricacy and superior advancement? The Wakanda crew can barely string a sentence together let alone create anti-gravity tech or nano suits which defy the laws of physics.

The reality of Africa is that it is a continent of great resources but poor function. There is huge poverty in the continent and a film like this is a disgrace to Africans. It is essentially saying, if we were clever enough we could have the technology of the West within this fantasy but we don’t, the reality thus bites even more, and insults the African states of today who have very little technological advancement or technical knowhow.

Apart from the brilliant Blade series, the only real black superhero seen on screen has to be ‘Ghost Dog’ with Forest Whitaker, who was not essentially a Marvel superhero but one of superhuman strength and intellect, thanks to diligent study of the Hagakure. Okay, Forest took the pay cheque for Black Panther, but we should not begrudge him on that.

The director of Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, is obviously a black supremacist as can be seen in all his previous efforts, and his vision is one of complete domination of all by the black race. This is therefore not about equality, but supremacy, and where all other races are subjugated by the ‘superior’ black race.

In essence, if this film were made of a race other than black, it would be panned as deeply racist, however because there is a special card for African Americans, it is instead lauded, and promoted as the next big thing since sliced bread. Double standards for African Americans, mixed in with hypocrisy and affirmative action.

Don’t go and see this fantasy film that disregards everything about African reality, instead please give to the many aid charities in Africa who really need the help.

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