Soviet Agent Cob at Your Service – License to Snitch

LONDON - England - News that the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, was once a spy for the Soviets is somehow falling on deaf ears.

Why are people surprised that Jeremy Corbyn gave away British secrets and crucial information to the Soviets in the 1980s?

Certainly, here is a man who is a staunch Marxist who wants to come into power and create a Soviet dictatorship in the UK.

“Mr Sarkocy, who was expelled from the UK by Margaret Thatcher and now lives in Bratislava, said that the information revealed by the MP – whose codename was Agent Cob – was “rated in Moscow as the number one”. Source: DT

One can only imagine the amount of state secrets Comrade Corbyn handed over to the Soviets during the eighties, however one thing is sure, the people who are supporting Corbyn are supporting someone who is a danger to national interests and has allegedly caused great harm to the UK in the past by collaborating with its enemies.

Should something be done about this? Well, of course, but it seems the sanitised MI6 are just sitting on their fingers, and everyone else is brushing it under the carpet.

In the last elections, when Corbyn nearly came to power, Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, warned that “Mr Corbyn could not be trusted as prime minister and that, rather than be allowed to run the security services, he would previously have been investigated by them.”

Is anyone going to act on the new information that has come to light? Surely, someone or some agency, or some entity must investigate further, and bring Corbyn to justice.

Naturally, this news has not been reported by the BBC.

You can’t have a former Soviet spy running the country, especially someone who sought to harm Britain by giving away information that put us in danger. Anyone out there? Anyone?

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