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Italy Debt 132% of GDP at €2.229 Trillion

ROME - Italy - The Eurozone is on the brink of an economic cataclysm never before witnessed as Italy's debt blows up.

Italy’s debt now exceeds last year’s May record of €2.218 trillion despite government forecasts that have set-out a path lower from 2016 when public debt is forecast to fall down to 131.4%, then 127.9% in 2017 and 123.7% in 2018.

Italy is on the brink of disaster and if Britain remains in the failing EU it will be stuck with not only an Italian economic debt implosion but a Spanish and Greek one.

By remaining in the EU, the UK will eventually be liable to the debt of all the failing eurozone economies. Ever closer union will be foisted on Britain as David Cameron lost Britain’s last bargaining veto during his faux EU negotiation farce.

Britain will be forced to join the euro currency and scrapping the pound will condemn the UK to economic purgatory inside a doomed eurozone.

We must Vote Leave on June 23 or risk being sucked into the eurozone black hole of economic catastrophe and assured destruction.


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