Iain Duncan Smith: Cameron Gave Away Britain’s Veto During EU ‘Negotiations’

LONDON - England - Speaking in Enfield, last night, Iain Duncan Smith revealed that during the recent EU 'negotiations' David Cameron gave away Britain's right to veto the use of the court and the Commission in application of the Euro area.

The venue yesterday at Enfield North Conservative club was buzzing with energy as it was packed to the rafters with people eager to listen to Iain Duncan Smith about the upcoming EU referendum on June 23.

Discarding the microphone, IDS jumped straight into an emphatic strong oppositional argument to the terrible travesty of the EU’s constitutional hold over Britain.

The key point that really stood out was revealed mid speech where a blistering IDS tornado revealed that during Cameron’s so-called negotiations, he had given away Britain’s right to veto treaties. This revelation is astounding, because it reveals that if Britain remains in the EU it will have no bargaining chip left, it will simply have to accept every indignity foisted upon it without question. Furthermore, the mainstream controlled media has neglected to report this point and it has been kept secret by the StrongerIn campaign.

Mr Duncan Smith may be portrayed as the quiet man of politics, but he was definitely not quiet about this new revelation which is shocking to say the least. Leaving Britain unarmed without the power of veto will endanger every law, every constitutional point of Britain, surrendering everything to Brussels.

David Cameron’s so-called negotiations were a sham losing Britain’s veto

“We had a right to veto the use of the court and the Commission in application of the Euro area.

“They needed our permission to use those to adjudicate matters in the Euro area.

“One vote was enough to say veto.

“I was told during the negotiations, this didn’t matter any longer, threatening to use it didn’t make any difference, because they’d get it to the court and they’d say no.

“But I knew that the legal advice said differently.”

He said the British Government slashed the number of concessions they wanted to ask for, yet the European Commission only wanted one thing from Britain in the negotiations, and that was to get the veto back.

The former Tory leader, added: “They know that that right to veto gave us quite a strong position to stop development in the European Union which we did not want.

“We have given it away and that makes our position, if we vote to remain, even weaker than it was before.

“So don’t be fooled by the idea that there is some negotiation that we undertook.”

This is why it is imperative that we Vote Leave on June 23. To not do so will leave Britain completely vulnerable to the EU’s will. This vote is going to be the most important vote of your life. Think of your children, think of your grandchildren and their future.

Your vote will determine whether Britain lives or dies. This is our last chance.


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