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Socialist Biden’s Woke Banks Don’t Even Have Risk Officers

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Who trusts the US banking system? If you have not started taking your money out of America's fractional reserve system, then you better get started.

It’s time to get back to printing money so that the worthless dollar will become even more worthless. Socialist Biden is a fucking disaster for America because he thinks money grows on special socialist trees that are magically replenished every day. Some of the woke banks that went bust in Silicon Valley did not even have risk officers, and had a 185:1 debt asset ratio.

“Today I am erasing all student loans in America, costing US taxpayers trillions of dollars, but don’t worry folks. The US Deficit is only $32 Trillion and growing. Socialism is the way. We just need the magic socialist money tree to grow more money. Er…don’t worry folks, if you got money in the bank right now, it could disappear tomorrow into a socialist black hole, so please keep your money in US banks and don’t worry about a thing…tee hee, hee,” Biden said before tumbling head first down a staircase on another trip to Venezuela.

socialist utopia hyperinflation

Silicon Valley Bank during its collapse will be holding another two month Pride celebration and will throw away $5 billion to some useless eco initiatives that will use the money up then go bust.


The dollar is losing its value every day, and de-dollarisation across the globe is accelerating in India, China, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East as well as the entire globe.

As dollars lose their value, hyperinflation will increase, and it will be increasingly harder to finance America’s junk bond debt status.

The Fed may keep increasing rates to completely murder and fuck the US banking system, throttling the entire system to a state of suicidal demolition. Yellen can keep her fat ass yelling into a microphone to eventually shut the entire system down.

“One day you will have money in the bank. The next day, you will not see your money in your bank account. Not only that, folks, you may even call that bank up on the phone, but all you will get is a busy line tone. Doesn’t matter if your deposits are insured to a certain amount, you will never see your money ever again,” a smiling banker for Palo Alto Bank revealed.

If the UK does not extricate itself from the US banking system pretty sharpish, it will be equally fucked.

Meanwhile, the FDIC is clapping all the way, because all money is free in Biden socialist land, and it grows on trees plus there is never an end to its infinite supply.

You try to buy a loaf of bread with a totally devalued dollar that no other country wants to touch or even buy bonds from. Gold, silver and crypto is the way.

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