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Joe Biden Debt Ceiling: “Just add on another 35 Trillion dollars”

LONDON - England - Thanks to the profligate spending of Joe Biden on useless socialist projects, the US debt ceiling is now a black hole.

It’s not so much a debt ceiling, in truth, they should call it the debt chasm — a deep fucking trench that is so deep, no one or nothing ever emerges from its depths ever again. Such is the US debt that many around the globe simply do not understand how the USA is still functioning? America’s enemies are many, and they wait year after year to see the US economy implode because of all of that debt, but it never happens.

“Joe Biden just spent another trillion dollars with money the US does not have, if that makes sense. Don’t know where the money goes, but somebody somewhere, the USA, owes them money? We’re waiting on a dime here to see the USA crumble, it’s only going to be a matter of time now as Biden spends trillion after trillion on communist projects that ain’t worth a squirt of skunk piss or Bud Light,” some guy at a bank said.

Yesterday, Mr. Biden made an impromptu visit to a waffle house in Nashville, where he sat down and ate some waffles whilst mumbling incoherently.

“Debt ceiling, huh? Jibber jabber, Mancuso X-9. Sure, we just add on another 35 trillion dollars to the ceiling until it ain’t a ceiling anymore but a pit goddammit. Not now, not now Sharona I told you last week my eggs gotta be sunny side up or is that down or maybe sideways plus if I have a waffle it needs to stack up to the ceiling just like our debt, see. C’mon now, you can’t deny me. I’m Irish, by the way.”

It’s all sorted then, the debt ceiling will add on another $35 trillion to the $35 trillion debt the USA owes already. No problem — sorted. But…wait…what about the $650 billion unrealised losses by US banks, and lest we forget the unfunded US debt liabilities where the federal government actually owes somewhere between $100 trillion and $200 trillion? Oh, shit!!!!

America is on borrowed time and dollars.


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  1. The time is coming soon where kicking the can down the road will be useless. I seriously fear for our American cousins and fear for the global economy when that day comes. God bless America.

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