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Oscars: Lost Hollywood is Truly Nothing, Nowhere All At Once

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Oscars this year simply reinforces the fact that Hollywood died many years ago.

Imagine a bunch of overloading overclocked Chinese computers spitting out nonsensical code in a tiny room all jumping around, bumping hysterically into each other for 139 very, very, very long minutes. You may choose to watch this shit, or you may not, but for some reason, woke Hollywood just gave that film a cluster of Oscars. In fact, that mish mash of overclocked nonsense somehow elongated time, where each minute endured trying to watch the clucking actors talking gibberish extends to an eternity where one truly is transported into the worst sort of boredom that has ever existed. Watching your toenails grow is a preferable option.

The Oscars this year did not involve African American thuggery, but maybe it should have. Maybe, having some sense slapped into these overpaid mollycoddled useless luvvies would actually bring about a slight modicum of true creativity.

Let us face it, Hollywood is so dead that nothing can save it now. It has killed off every legacy film with woke remakes, it has revelled in CGI laden amusement park superhero films by the double dozen, it has reduced the art of cinema to nothing but a propaganda tool for woke activism paid for by Chinese financiers seeking to destabilise the nation from within…blah di blah di blah.

In 2000, 46.33 million people watched the Oscars, today, the woke Oscars can barely scrape a viewership of 7-8 million if they are lucky.

This is what you get when there is no bravery, no innovation, no true creativity. Instead, you have unadventurous woke bland soulless mediocre detritus that only plays the safe card.

Death happened a long time ago, the Oscars and Hollywood non-film industry are now in the advanced stage of decomposition.

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