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Princess Lilibet Elizabeth Diana Walmart Henry VIII Louis Vuitton Mountbatten Gucci Victoria Windsor of Los Angeles Just Wants to be Treated Like a Normal Person

MONTECITO - USA - Princess Lilibet has had practically every royal name and title festooned upon her. Wonder how she will live with that sort of vulgar royal thievery in the future?

With parents who seemingly detest the royal family, one can only feel sadness for the children of Meghan Markle and Harry, who have positioned and imposed their kids with cheap vulgar aspersions at ‘being royal’. What of poor Lilibet, who had her name stolen from the late Queen’s supposedly secret nickname, and then had practically every other British royal name festooned all over the place?

One could postulate that the Sussexes are a walking poster for hypocrisy. On the one hand they vie for privacy yet parade themselves and their children in front of every cheap banal TV show to moan about the royal family that they hate with a vengeance yet are using the titles wherever possible to make millions of dollars off exploitative unscrupulous American media executives. They decry the issue of climate change, but travel everywhere in gas guzzling SUV convoys and polluting private jets.

Recently, poor old Archie and Lilibet have been labelled as prince and princess at the emphatic insistence of their parents. Why would Harry and Meghan who detest the British royal family with such vehemence and outward hatred do such a thing? The money brokers and managers of course know why — money. There will be more money to be made as the children of these peddlers use their children as commodities to sell off to the highest bidder for more dollars.

The vast and lonely grounds of Montecito are just another gilded prison for these two sad children. Prince Archie pushes a ball around a huge acred garden, a tiny solitary figure amongst a vast playground of abject sorrow with no real friends and certainly no real parents. What has this poor fellow got to look forward to in a place where his own parents are more concerned about lucrative TV show deals and Louis Vuitton bags than anything else?

Prince Archie might want to be a mechanic, and Princess Lilibet may want to be a hairdresser in some small hick town in Missouri. At least they would be free from their fucked up shallow status-hungry Instagram parents who only care about reality game show fame and Hollywood celebrity status, along with cart loads of ill-gotten gained green.

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  1. They are not royal. They just aren’t and it does not make any diffs about how many fake titles they have.

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